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Yellow Ginge


Green Rose







Please remove any & all left behind food (even if it’s a closed package) and all bedding items including pillows, sheets, comforter, and mattress protector. TAKE A COUPLE PICTURES OF THE MATTRESS and email to me please.


Please remove any & all left behind bathroom items including all towels & the shower curtain from the bathroom.


The apartments should just include the furniture and kitchen appliances and dishes and cooking implements, and decorations of course such as books and knick-knacks.


We tell new tenants that they have to purchase their own bedding including pillows, sheets and comforter, towels (both kitchen & bath), and shower curtain. So the bed should really just have the mattress & a mattress cover (to protect the mattress), and the bathroom should be bare, without anything (no towels, no soap, no shower curtain). Please use this as a guideline. 


The cleaning of each apartment sin addition to your usual stuff should also include:

  • the wiping out of drawers (and throwing all left behind stuff away),

  • wiping down of all ceiling fans,

  • and washing of windows on the inside and on the outside when you can reach them.


There is no more laundry to be done as we’ve eliminated all sheets, towels, blankets etc. 

Please be as detail oriented as time allows. We have allocated 6 hours for each apartment, please let us know if you need more time on a per job basis.

IMPORTANT: Sometimes tenants move furniture around. Furniture should be moved back into it's original space and every apartment should look as closely as possible like the Matterport digital tour below for that apartment:

Green Rose Suite:

Yellow Ginger Suite:

Plumeria Suite:

Orchid Suite:

Owners Suite:

Parakeet Suite:

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