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to Color Correction

Upgrade your Package to get Color Corrected Images!

"Kauai Instant Photos" package - $895


  • Wedding Ceremony service, by a State of Hawaii licensed minister.

  • Assistance with wedding license

  • Assistance with wedding location

  • 2 Flower leis for Hawaiian lei exchange (choose from #A (white), #B (purple & white), or #H (lavendar)

  • Keepsake Wedding Certificate

  • 100 photos with our professional NIKON camera equipment

  • 1 Photographer / 1 hour total time on the beach

  • Instant Un-retouched Photos on SD card as you leave the beach*.
    We'll keep a copy of your photos for safe-keeping for 6 months.

Add Color Balancing/Correction - $200 extra


  • Color Correction of your images

  • Plus, a beautiful Online Photo Gallery for 6 months

  • You'll receive your color corrected images by digital download.

What is color balancing/correction?

Have a look below. First image is straight out of the camera, while the one on the right is color balanced at our office...

On a gorgeous Hawaii Day color balancing is less important because chances are your pictures come out of the camera looking bright and beautiful. However, should the weather not be cooperative and it turns out to be an overcast, darker day, color balancing can make all the difference! Have a look at the photos below. We have intentionally chosen images from weddings where the sky was not it's usual beautiful blue but rather overcast and dark...

Upgrade your package! If it was overcast or rainy on your wedding day we can still help you get better, brighter images. Click here to get your pictures worked on...

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