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Custom Bouquets: Flowers are a naturally occurring product and grow in a variety of shades of color. Shades of color are a specific range of color within a color itself, like various shades of orange for example. Because fresh flowers are not made in a factory we can not 100% guarantee a specific shade of color. We will try our very best to match the color you desire, but especially with flowers that have to be imported from the mainland or Thailand to make your bridal bouquet, we have very little control over variations in the shade of color of the flowers we receive a couple of days before your wedding. Chances are you will get exactly the color you wanted but occasionally it may be slightly lighter of darker... Having said that, your bouquet surely will be beautiful no matter what!


NOTE: We will bring any florals you order to the beach with us when we meet you for your wedding. 

Alternatively, florals can be delivered to your hotel room or hair appointment for a fee of $35.

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