Make some of your images truly spectacular!

So your sunset wasn't quite as spectacular as you expected, your hair was flying wild in the Hawaiian trade winds, or a pimple, cold sore, or other skim imperfection is really bothering you in your photos...  Don't dispair! We're now offering DELUXE EDITS, where we'll fix the things that bother you the most to give you some truly wonderful photos after the fact! 

Deluxe Edits Packs:

Edit 5 images: $150

Edit 10 images: $300

You'll be able to choose the images you want edited right out of your Online Gallery, and pay there too!


This editing level provides the most mesmerizing as well as appealing pictures. Not even a single drawback will be left visible.

Effective techniques of "Deluxe Editing" are:


  • Natural beauty retouching (high end, magazine look)

  • Get rid of skin imperfects (acne, scars, zits, birthmarks, moles, enlarged pores, warts, etc)

  • Stray hair removal

  • Body shape correction & slimming 

  • Skin & clothing wrinkle removal

  • Skin tone adjusting

  • Lips and eyes correction

  • Teeth fixing, whitening, & braces removal

  • Eye glass glare removal

  • HDR photo merging effect

  • Remove distractions (unwanted guests, signs, etc)

  • Replace background (sky)

Can't wait to have it done?

You'll be able to buy your Deluxe Edit Pack from your Online Gallery. You'll get an email letting you know when your gallery is up.

Only available for Photography packages of Together Forever and higher. Sorry, not available for Instant Photo packages.