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Reception  Photography
(and/or Videography)

We'll help you remember your Celebration.

Many couples choose to ADD Reception Photography or Videography to chronicle and remember their Kauai wedding, and Celebration.

For booked brides:

With a little forethought you'll get great pictures & video of your reception.

Here is a guide of what we normally focus on...

Important photographic moments during your reception photography and / or videography session are: The couple entering the ball room, the first dance, father/daughter dance, mother/son dance, the speeches, the cutting of the cake, and interviews to be used in the video.


Reception Photography (2 hrs): $995

Prorated every 15 minutes after the initial 2 hours.


Reception Videography (2 hrs): $1,295

Prorated every 15 minutes after the initial 2 hours.


Food must be provided for the photographer and/or videographer.


Rates above are for adding Reception photography or videography added to one of our base wedding packages. Additional time over the initial 2 hours will be prorated every 15 minutes. The Reception Video footage will be edited into the rest of your video shot on the day of your event. Higher rates apply for couples purchasing the Reception photos or video by themselves, without having their wedding event booked with us. Call the office to inquire please.

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To complete the memory of your destination wedding we recommend you purchase the "Reception" photos and/or video.

Reception Photos & Video of your celebration is our recommendation, and here are some TIPS to get the most out of your 2 hour photography/videography:


  • Let us know your Reception TIMELINE (start time, what happens first, second, and next..., so our team can plan for it!)

  • Decorate the tables beautifully with Hawaiian florals, sometimes couples will re-use the bridesmaids bouquets as table decorations.

  • Same is true for the Cake table. Any Hawaiian elements will help make it special.

  • Include a First Dance if possible, even if it's you for the bride & groom.

  • If you have a Videographer he may do interviews with family & friends asking them about you & your love story. If you tell your guests about this they'll be prepared with a cute short story to be edited into your video. Those are really special, especially the ones with parents & grand parents!

  • If you have a Videographer he may "mic" family and friends for the speeches, so you can hear them in good audio on your video.

  • The Cutting of the Cake and eating a piece of cake together is a wedding tradition we don't want to miss.

  • The bride & groom pouring 2 glasses of champagne and drinking to each other, and their guests.

Book your Reception Celebration Photos and/or Video in your Online Wedding Planner, or call our office at 808-822-5381.

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