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Planning your wedding is our business.  

Planning your ceremony is included in all of our packages, but we are here for you should you require additional planning or onsite services.

Most packages we offer are simple elopement packages with the following services included:

  • In-office planning of your ceremony -  one hour.

  • Applying for the beach use permit as required by the State of Hawaii.

  • Marriage license assistance: guiding you to the right place to pick up your license, and filing of legal paperwork after your ceremony has been performed.

  • Quick email and phone responses from our team of in-house coordinators.

  • Keep planning on track.

  • Logistical guidance to save you time and money.


Additional Services available:

Onsite Coordinator at the beach $250

(1 to 1-1/2 hours as required by your chosen wedding package. This service is included in our wedding packages if you have a group of 15 or more people. The responsibility of your onsite coordinator is to help set up your group at the beach, start the procession of your bridal party down the aisle (so to speak), and help gather your different groups for group photography efficiently and quickly so you'll get more pictures. Look at your coordinator as someone who will manage your group at the beach... so you don't have to!

Note: We do not offer onsite coordination for services or locations you order directly from outside vendors.


We do offer rehearsals the day before at an additional fee… Most times a rehearsal is not necessary unless you have a big bridal party with other people involved in your ceremony. 

Caution: Sometimes a rehearsal takes away from the little surprises and glimpses we catch on camera when the couple doesn't quite know what's going to happen in the ceremony…

Rehearsal at the Beach $250*

Rehearsal at a Private Venue: from $450

(depending on what you want)

* An additional fee for transportation applies for the Bali Hai Spectacular package as this site is not accessible without transport. Ask us for a quote.

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