Lydgate Beach (East Shore)

lydgate beach


Located on Kauai's East Shore, along the famous coconut coast you'll find Lydgate Beach. A popular spot for weddings you'll find this gem of a beach mostly deserted durning the week. As this is an East Shore beach we recommend you start your event between 11 AM and 3 PM for best picture quality and light. As the sun sets in the west Lydgate Bech is not suitable for sunset photos.

Note: This beach tends to have a good amount of driftwood so we recommend you drive out and see it before your wedding to make sure it's to your liking...

Where to Meet...

Make sure to find our team.

Lydgate Beach

East Shore of Kauai, just south of Kapaa and the Wailua River.
Turn from Kuhio Hwy (56) onto Leho Drive, then onto Nalu Rd, and immediately turn RIGHT into the South Comfort Station Parking lot.

Meet us in the SOUTH Comfort Station parking lot at the very end. Our teams carry bright orange backpacks.

Beach just outside the Kaha Lani Resort, Kauai. The wedding location is South of Lydgate Beach Park, between the beach park and the Kamalani Bridge.

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