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If you want classy pictures, you'll have to....

You've seen gorgeous photos on our website and maybe you've been trying to discern why some couples look better than others?

Many couples think that getting married in Hawaii is a casual affair, and they are right. However, if you want gorgeous photos you'll have to dress the part. Even though it's warm and balmy, and yes, Hawaii is utterly casual, please make an effort to dress appropriately for your wedding. Showing up in flip flops and a Hawaiian dress, and/or a Hawaiian shirt and khaki shorts is not really appropriate for a wedding...though many couples choose to do just that...

Your wedding photos will look more professional and gorgeous if you dress up appropriately, there is no question about it. So, before you decide to go all casual have a look around our website and the internet and check out some of the Hawaii wedding pictures online.

Then carefully decide which look you prefer...

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