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How to save money, and still get married this year.

The latest "Wedding Report" tells us that the average cost of a wedding in America is $26,720. Now some people will pay more than that and some less than that, however on AVERAGE that's the cost of getting married in America nowadays...except on Kauai!

At Kauai Island Weddings, we don't think you should have to spend that kind of money just for the wedding, and remember that's not including the Honeymoon or the Flights there and back. We believe we can offer you an alternative that will give you more for your money. Just take a look at our website

kauai wedding photo
Kauai offers many gorgeous beach settings.

where you'll see actual proof that our packages will give you better value for money than any other choice possible. Period.

We've put together packages including your Wedding Ceremony, Photography, Video, Drone and Extras that are tens of thousands of dollars less than the "average price of a Wedding in America".

It just makes good sense not to have to spend all that money, maybe make a deposit on your first home instead!

Don't cancel your wedding because you don't have that $26,720.

Make the smart choice and get it for less! Call us NOW at 808 822 5381.

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