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The well dressed Groom.

well dressed groom
The well dressed groom at your beach wedding.

Most often the Bride looks gorgeous on her wedding day, having spent weeks and months pondering her wedding dress, hair, jewels, flowers and other choices. Sometimes however we simply forget the Groom. Maybe we assume he’s fashion savvy or that he will give equal thought to what to wear and how to look handsomely groomed. The simple fact is that most guys don’t spend much time thinking about those things, it’s just much less important to them.

So, our suggestion is that in order to have the most beautiful wedding pictures (and experience of course), always have the Bride dress the Groom.

Here are our main Tips:

* Make sure he’s tidy and neat looking - don’t forget a hair cut & shave.

* If the groom is wearing white, make sure it’s a tone that’s matched to your dress. Sometimes the bride will wear a shade of “off-white leaning towards cream”, and a crisp white (more blueish hue) in the grooms shirt will clash in the photos.

* Make sure his pants look young & hip, which means not too baggy (like from the 90’s). Skinny pants are in!

* Don’t have the groom wear shorts.

* Don’t have the groom wear heavy Birkenstock looking sandals or hiking sandals.

* Don’t be tempted into having him wear a bright Hawaiian shirt because it’ll look really distracting in your photos (it’s too much of a good thing... haha).

* Keep it simple and elegant.

well dressed groom
The groom should look as groomed and handsome as the bride looks stunning...

Your Choice of Clothes make a huge difference in your Photography!

Ever wondered why some pictures look better than others?

Sometimes it could be as simple as the clothes, and styling of the couple.

Well fitting attire can make a huge difference in your overall appearance...

Today’s groom suits are fitted and well tailored.

Linen is a popular choice for a tropical setting, think lighter colors rather than the traditional darker ones for a more casual, but still polished look.

You can get away with not wearing a tie at a beach wedding, or even go without a jacket if you fear you may get too hot. But keep it simple... slim... and light & airy.

We hope you’re getting the idea....

We’re aware that most of us are not models, or super skinny, or may not even be in our prime anymore...

But choosing a well fitting suit or pant & shirt/vest combination can only accomplish one thing: Enhance your wedding photos.

Things to AVOID:

* Though you may be tempted to wear shorts, they are simply not festive enough for your wedding. The same is true for the beach sandals. If you don’t want to wear dress shoes on the beach it would be better to be barefoot in the sand.

* Though not terrible, it’s best to avoid 90’s style baggy pleated slacks...they’re just out of style now!

* Match your whites! Either choose bright white for both of you, or an off white / creamish white...but make sure that’s what BOTH OF YOU are wearing. Don’t just tell the groom to wear slacks and a white shirt. There are different shades of white, as strange as that sounds.

* Again, though not terrible, pay attention to the groom’s shirt. Just tucking it in will make it look a little more formal, more suited to the event. Too much pattern or color, or both, are not necessarily a good thing shirt wise, and can be distracting. Again try and keep it elegant and simple.

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