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Why you should get married on Kauai rather than Maui, Oahu, or the Big Island...

Kauai is Hawaii's most romantic island...

Kauai is the most romantic of the Hawaiian Islands and is referred to as the Wedding Island of Kauai. It's oldest island, offering the most lush scenery & beauty and it distinguishes itself by having the most beaches of all of the Hawaiian Islands - a total of 90 miles. While the Big Island refers to lava rock as "the beach", and Maui's coastline is quite narrow, Kauai has it all: tropical beaches, white sandy beaches, a black sand beach, and beaches that are mostly deserted and empty. It's approximately the same size as Oahu, but while Oahu has over 1 Million residents, Kauai has only 60,000. This is where you'll find the Grand Canyon of the Pacific, and a breathtaking stretch of coastline called the Na Pali Coast.

  • Kauai is called the Wedding Island of Kauai

  • The Polynesian people consider Kauai "the heart of the planet"

  • Has the most beaches of all of the Hawaiian islands - over 90 miles in total

  • Most beaches are deserted

  • Most beautiful of the Hawaiian Islands

  • Only 60,000 residents (Oahu has over 1 Million and Maui 200,000)

  • Small and quaint place, that feels like time has stood still

Deserted beaches are what Kauai is known for...

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