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Bride's Choice
Beach & Cliffs Extravaganza

Wedding Ceremony

300 photos

Stunning Cliffs Location


Bridal Bouquet

❤️Get FREE Florals!

2-10 people: $1,295

11-14 people: $1,490

15-19 people: $1,590

20-24 people: $1,690

25-30 people & more: $1,790

Note: 15-19 and 20+ people rates above include our Onsite-coordinator and group

photography fee for larger groups. We know your numbers may change so we'll always go by the actual number of guests at your event.

Beach permit extra. (Depends on actual number of guests at the beach). Photo Delivery $29.95

Beach & Cliffs Extravaganza

Meet us on the beach to celebrate your Kauai destination wedding and union in marriage. Included in this wedding package is your wedding ceremony, 300 professional photos, one of our Beautiful Bridal Bouquets, and extra photography at the stunning Cliffs. Photos provided by Digital Download. The Cliffs are not wheelchair accessible.

Package Details


Towards your Bridal Bouquet


More than 60 Bridal Bouquets to choose from.

Bride's Choice Package

All packages are fully customizable!


Zoom all the way out for better view!

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