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Beach & Palms Tropicana

Wedding Ceremony

300 photos

Stunning North Shore Location


Bridal Bouquet

❤️Get FREE Florals!

2-10 people: $1,295

11-15 people: $1,495

Sorry, but this Location is suited to small groups only!

Note: The beach at this location is narrow and parking is limited, so our Tropical Beach & Palms package is not suited for larger groups. Sorry!

Beach permit extra. (Depends on actual number of guests at the beach). Photo Delivery $29.95


Beach & Palms Tropicana

Meet us on the beach to celebrate your Kauai destination wedding and union in marriage. Included in this wedding package is your wedding ceremony, 300 professional photos, one of our Beautiful Bridal Bouquets, and extra photography with you on the Hanalei Pier. Photos provided by Digital Download.

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