Broadcast it.

Wedding Ceremony

400 photos

Web Stream Video of Ceremony & 

Download of Video


Bridal Bouquet

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2-10 people: $1,895

11-14 people: $2,090

15-19 people: $2,190

20 people & over: $2,290

Note: 15-19 and 20+ people

rates above include our

Onsite-coordinator and group

photography fee for larger groups. We know your numbers may change so we'll always go by the actual number of guests at your event.

Beach permit extra. (Depends on actual number of guests at the beach). Photo & Video Delivery $49.95

Broadcast it

Meet us on the beach to celebrate your Kauai destination wedding and union in marriage. Included in this wedding package is your wedding ceremony, 400 professional photos, and a web stream of your ceremony up on the internet within 24 hours of your event. Plus, choose a beautiful bridal bouquet up to $150, it's included. Photos & ceremony video delivered by digital download. 

Package Details



* Your wedding ceremony will be streamed over the internet within 24 hours of your event so family and friends can watch you getting married...

Most brides who purchased this package also chose to have Hair & Make-up in their hotel room...


All packages are fully customizable!