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Getting married in Kauai - Most popular wedding packages and prices.

bride and groom at anini beach on kauai
Beautiful Anini Beach on kauai's North Shore is a popular choice.

Our most popular wedding package is the "Together Forever" package. This package appeals to most couples because it combines the wedding ceremony with professional wedding photography to give colorful memories of your big day. After all, why come all the way to Hawaii and not have beautiful pictures taken of your long awaited event? Package price from $995.

Our second most popular package is the "Beach & Cliffs Extravaganza" because it offers a second location hight up on the cliffs to give you the most awesome stunning scenic wedding pictures. Plus, this package includes a bridal bouquet, and there are many bouquets the bride can choose from, or upgrade to one of our deluxe bouquets. Package price from $1,295.

Extra costs to these packages would be the Beach Permit (which we'll arrange for/no extra work for you), which depends on the total number of people present at your beach wedding.

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