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On a strict budget? Where can you save?

In today's economy getting married may seem like an expensive undertaking. But eloping and getting married in Hawaii can be a much more inexpensive way to tie the knot than doing it at home with a hundred or two hundred guests in attendance.

Many couples are able to get married and spend a week-long honeymoon in Hawaii for less than they would just pay for the reception dinner at home.

Another obvious cost saving is to make your own bridal bouquet, which could save you $100 or even $200. Most wedding companies will be fine if you bring your own bridal bouquet. You can also choose to do your own hair, make-up and nails, which should save you another $150 in salon services.

Hawaii is casual, so no need for a really expensive wedding gown (after all, you'll be wearing it on the beach) and the groom doesn't need a tux either. Just some nice slacks, and a white shirt will suffice.

Not enough money in the budget to buy the wedding & photos package? Many ministers in Kauai will happily take a couple of photos with your camera or iPhone for you after your wedding. Or, sometimes they'll agree to take 20-30 shots at a small nominal fee of $50 or $100. If you do this, make sure you'll have a good camera and a minister who does take fairly decent photos. (After all, you'll only get married once.) We have also seen minister/photographers who'll offer to bring their professional equipment to the beach, so you know the quality of the photos will be good, and they'll charge you $300 - $400 for some set-up shots after they're done with your wedding ceremony. Only disadvantage is that you won't have any photos from your wedding ceremony...but it can save you a few bucks.

Bride and groom on the beach in Kauai
Getting married in Hawaii is less expensive than you think...

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