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South Shore Resources


Shipwrecks Beach is located

right outside the Grand Hyatt

Hotel in Poipu, Kauai.

You can use Google Maps to 

generate directions to this location.

Don't forget to call us so we

can tell you where to meet! 

Office Phone: 808-822-5381

Emergency 1: 310-740-2968
Emergency 2: 808-652-4305
Emergency 3: 808-785-2000

Hawaii Wedding License Agents

Wine Glasses

Wedding Dinner

"Tidepools" Restaurant at the

Grand Hyatt Hotel (Poipu)  


Sprinkle Covered Cake

Wedding Dinner

"Donderos" at the Grand Hyatt Hotel (Poipu)   808-742-1234

Salad Preparation

Wedding Dinner

Share The Stars! 

Private Ocean Front Gazebo

 Grand Hyatt Hotel . 

808-742-1234 Ext.54

Salmon Breast

Wedding Dinner

The Beach House (Poipu)    



The Well Dressed


Camera A 277.jpg

Tips for the

Tropical Bride

Camera A 443.jpg

Dress Tips -

Bridal Party


Shipwreck's Beach, in Poipu.

Meeting you in the Ainako Street Parking Lot, right at

the beach.

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